Modern heating­components for commercial­applications

High-performance heating systems are not only essential in private residential applications, but are basic equipment for commercial buildings as well. Components available from us in the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Base Line and Manifold Line are ideal solutions. These products impress with an excellent standard of quality and simple installation. A wide variety of models might fit your needs, depending on your specific requirements.

Base Line - high quality at a low price

Components from the Base Line are an outstanding choice, for instance, for equipping large office properties. These functional thermostat sensors allow users to precisely adjust the temperature in conference rooms or common kitchen areas. In addition, our product range includes rugged thermostatic valves and screw fittings for professional installation. Thanks to the wide selection of different options we offer, our company has the perfect additional components for any office complex. Upon request, we can also deliver specialized products, so that you can handle special structural features in your office space. No matter the specific items you choose, all of our components stand out for excellent quality materials. This results in perfect function and long service life. That makes the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen product portfolio the right choice when installing modern and reliable heating systems in office complexes.

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Make your heating system an eye-catching style element

In some buildings, radiators have more than just a functional purpose - they also need to impress with an attractive appearance. Components from the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Design Line meet this need, and are an ideal choice for installation in exclusive hotels, apartment buildings, or restrooms.

Their aesthetic color schemes perfectly match an elegant interior design, and are a stylish addition to any radiator. We offer striking shades such as red and glossy black. For a more discreet look, components in matte grey, sophisticated silver or sanded surfaces are the right choice. In addition to color components such as thermostat sensors, the Design Line includes smart additions like rosettes and bleeder valves.

Customer-specific products and seamless support

Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen offers a wide range of different solutions for commercial applications. The product portfolio is manufactured using resistant materials, taking current standards into consideration. If you have questions on possible applications such as outdoor pools or shopping centers, we would be happy to support you with personal advising. You can contact our trained service team by phone or e-mail.

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