Base Line - extensive product portfolio for a wide range of applications

The Base Line by Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen is composed of a large number of different components. These items offer both attractive prices and a high standard of quality. Thanks to the enormous diversity within the product range, the Base Line offers optimal solutions for any requirements. The most frequent applications for this product line include both rental units and office spaces. No matter which item you select, with the Base Line product range you will benefit from excellent workmanship and easy installation. Compare our different product groups now, and take advantage of our customer-focused service.

Flexible product applications for optimized heating operation

Please note that Base Line components can be used to install any type of radiator. In addition to their universal application options, these products stand out for their excellent convenience. We offer practical thermostat sensors, for instance, which allow you to individually adjust your room temperature. Features like optional theft protection underscore the comprehensive equipment we offer, and the option of pre-setting different temperature ranges. In addition, the Base Line product series includes thermostatic valves for hydraulic balancing. We use only high-quality brass alloys in manufacturing, ensuring an extremely long service life for our valves. In addition, other components such as lockable screw fittings, pipe connectors and pipe coverings are available.

Base Line - custom-tailored solutions and individual support

Components from the Base Line can be used to install functional and energy-efficient heating systems. From valve components to complex, ready-to-install assemblies, we can offer the right products to meet any need. The Base Line product range is suitable not only for new construction projects, but for retrofitting and upgrades as well. If you have questions on individual components or on the order process itself, we will be happy to offer you professional advising. You can write us an e-mail or call us directly. The following overview outlines key features of the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Base Line:

  • outstanding price-performance ratio
  • equally suitable for new construction and renovations
  • protective caps in different colors
  • can be used on any radiator
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