Thermostat sensors for a perfectly adjusted indoor climate

Adding a thermostat sensor to your heating system is a key addition for ensuring energy-efficient operation. Models available from Schlösser Armaturen fulfill the highest quality standards, and impress with reliable function. These thermostatic heads allow you to individually adjust the indoor temperature, which is essential to ensuring good quality of life. In addition, when you purchase with us you will enjoy an enormous range of different options: Thanks to our great selection, you will find the perfect thermostat sensor for any thermostatic valve and any requirements. Learn about the many different quality features we offer, and discover the versatility of our product range.

High-quality thermostat sensors for sophisticated demands

A thermostat head with integrated liquid sensor serves as the basis for a precisely adjusted room temperature. In addition to being equipped with a functional sensor element, thermostat sensors from our product range impress with easy installation. These models can be attached quickly and securely via a screw-fitting or clamp connection. Another advantage they offer is frost protection, which ensures trouble-free operation all year round. Please note that thermostat sensors from our product portfolio fulfill current standards. This allows them to excel in many applications, and to offer proven functionality. Thermostatic heads fulfill the requirements of European standard EN 215, underscoring their high standard of quality. The figures indicated here described their different temperature ranges, and are intended as a point of orientation for users. Additional theft protection is also available upon request.

Wide selection of innovative thermostat sensors

Thermostatic heads with sensor elements represent the perfect symbiosis between an ideally adjusted indoor climate and effective energy savings. From standard models to a remote sensor, and contact sensors for thermostatic valves - we offer custom-tailored solutions for any radiator. However, thermostat sensors don’t just impress from a functional standpoint; they offer attractive design as well. You can choose from options in classic white and elegant chrome, for example. In addition, you can use thermostatic heads for new radiators or to retrofit an existing unit. If you have questions on sensor elements or any other details of the individual models, we will be happy to advise you. Key aspects of our thermostat sensors are outlined in the following overview:

  • Liquid sensors allow you to optimally adjust your room temperature
  • easy assembly
  • additional features like frost protection and pre-defined temperature ranges
  • specialized models like remote sensors and contact sensors available
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