Advanced­heating systems for street construction

Modern heating technology not only improves comfort in the home, but can also make a key contribution to street construction as well. Panel heating systems by Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen guarantee driving surfaces free from ice and snow in the winter months. These heating components are installed under the street. Even a low temperature just above freezing is sufficient to prevent icing over. This results in a minimal danger of accidents for all vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. Please note that panel heating systems by Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen are the result of extensive development work and optimizations. Because of this, our heating elements impress with reliable function and simple commissioning.

Effective solutions for public street construction

Icy streets and walkways can create traffic chaos. Entry ramps and heavily used access roads, especially, frequently pose a safety risk. Street construction heating solutions by Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen are the ideal choice to correct this dangerous situation in critical areas. From highways to bridges, panel heating systems can be used in many different applications. Installing these heating elements allows you to finally eliminate cost-intensive winter snow removal services. Because of this, street heating concepts also pay off financially over the medium to long term. They can be installed under both asphalt and paving stones, perfectly complementing their versatile advantages.

Flexible applications and comprehensive support

In addition to being used in public infrastructure, street construction heating solutions are also an excellent choice for private applications. This allows sidewalks or garage entrances in private properties to be used and remain accessible, even in frosty temperatures. Overall, our street construction heating systems offer the ideal combination of low energy consumption and a positive influence on street conditions. Our solutions are an excellent choice for anyone who wants to minimize the risk of frost and ice damage. Are you interested in our heating concepts and have questions on practical implementation? Then our experienced service team will be happy to assist you with specific advising: Just contact us by phone or e-mail and we will handle your question or concern related to street construction applications personally.

Overview of key aspects:

  • heating systems for public and private applications
  • simple installation
  • seamless support
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