Blue Line terminal blocks - the perfect connection unit for your heating manifold

A terminal block ensures energy efficient use for modern underfloor heating systems. Models from the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Blue Line are based on advanced technology, and impress with reliable function. A terminal block acts as the technical heart of your room control system, supplying the individual components with the power they need. We offer a large number of different designs, to ensure we can provide custom-tailored solutions for any set of requirements and every heating circuit. We make it easy to find a terminal block for your specific application. Discover the enormous range of options we offer, and choose advanced heating components from us.

The best possible connection between your room temperature controller and actuator

Terminal blocks are a basic component used in heating manifolds. These units are essential for ensuring a consistent power supply to the heating circuit and optimal distribution of volume flow rates. A terminal block represents the connecting element between the room thermostat and actuator. Blue Line models are the perfect choice to provide a central power supply to underfloor heating systems. In addition, terminal blocks stand out for their simple installation: They reduce installation time to a minimum, in comparison to using traditional terminals.

Large selection of high-quality terminal blocks

Depending on your underfloor heating system and number of room thermostats, a variety of control units are available: Our product range includes terminal blocks with either 6 or 10 heating zones, for instance. Another feature that differentiates our terminal blocks is their operating voltage: You can choose between 24 volt and 230 volt models. No matter their technical specifications, every Blue Line terminal block stands out for excellent quality finishing. Our well thought-out designs offer simple wiring in every version. In addition, users can benefit from additional features like a pump / boiler control, pump protection function and variably adjustable stopping times.

Innovative terminal blocks for room thermostat power supply

Blue Line control units are the ideal way to connect a room thermostat to an underfloor heating system actuator. We offer models with and without module connections, just one example of the broad diversity of products we offer. The terminal block is installed directly in the heating manifold - the block's compact size is just one of the many advantages it offers. Competent advising is just part of the comprehensive service we offer: We are happy to support you on questions related to special features like module connections and compatibility with different room temperature controllers. The following overview outlines the key features of Blue Line terminal blocks:

  • quick and easy installation
  • optimal connection to the actuator and room temperature controller
  • some models can be used for either heating or cooling
  • available in 230 V and 24 V versions
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