Heating cost allocator for maximum billing convenience

Functional radiators are considered basic energy equipment, and are essential to any building. Our product range includes practical heating cost allocators that make it possible to measure individual heat consumption. These models are part of the Base Line, and offer a wide range of advantages. Heating cost meters allow users to easily read off their individual heat usage, which serves as the basis for heating cost billing. The heating cost meters we offer are based on advanced technology and have undergone optimization processes. This results in reliable and precise measurement results in each heating period. Learn about the various quality features we offer, and benefit from the excellent convenience of our heating cost meters.

Base Line heating cost allocators offer extensive added value

To begin with, it is important to note that heating cost allocators are mounted directly onto radiators. They can be installed quickly and easily, ensuring fast commissioning. In addition, Base Line heating cost meters offer simplified reading: This allows consumers to keep an eye on their own personal energy costs at all times and track their heat consumption directly. Integrated radio technology is another benefit: Users do not have to read off their information manually; instead, the heating consumption recorded is transmitted via radio. This means Base Line heating cost allocator solutions eliminate the need to book time-consuming meter reading appointments.

On the safe side of the law with a heating cost allocator

Electronic heating cost allocators from Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen are equipped with two different sensors. They record both the current room temperature and the temperature on the surface of the radiator. An optical contact is used as the interface between the heating cost meter and radiator. This precise and manipulation-resistant function ensures your heating cost readings are legally compliant. The heating cost meters we offer fulfill the requirements of the current Heating Costs Ordinance, and have appropriate certification.

With a Base Line heating meter, building owners can create legally conforming heating cost invoices, avoiding legal problems and court disputes. We recommend installing heat flowmeters as a supplement to our heating cost meters. We are happy to help you make the right choice.

Heating cost allocators as the ideal addition to consumption-based billing

The targeted combination of reliable technology and convenient handling is the key feature behind our heating cost allocators. The most common use for these allocators is in a rental property with multiple leased units. Equipping your building with a Base Line heating cost meter allows you to precisely record consumption for each tenant and each heating unit. They offer a long operating life of 10 years on a single battery, and are certified under the Heating Costs Ordinance - just some of the many benefits our Base Line heating cost allocators offer. The following list provides an overview of all key features of our heating meters:

  • simple installation directly on the radiator
  • digital display for ease of reading
  • practical remote readout feature
  • equipped with two high-quality sensors
  • function fulfills the current Heating Costs Ordinance
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