Actuators for convenient radiator control

An actuator acts as a functional element for heating control. Designs from the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Blue Line are the result of extensive development processes and optimizations. The result is perfect control for valve sets in your heating manifold or radiator. In addition, Blue Line actuators offer excellent quality materials. They are manufactured in European production facilities, ensuring a high standard of design and long-lasting use. To ensure we can offer the optimal actuator for any underfloor heating system, our product range includes an extensive variety of options. In addition, when you buy from us you will enjoy non-binding and professional advising on heating manifolds, actuators and room thermostats.

Thermal actuators with added benefits

As a useful addition to heating manifolds, thermal actuators make a key contribution to energy efficiency. Models available from us stand out for their well thought out design: Blue Line actuators make it possible to manually open and close valves at any time. This allows users to regulate flow rates even without an electrical connection. In addition, actuators from the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Blue Line require a minimum amount of maintenance. Thanks to their compact size, designs available from us can be used with even the smallest valve spacing. In addition, their IP54 protective class ensures safe function.

Simplified installation and attractive design

Are you looking for an actuator for underfloor heating that can be installed quickly and easily? Then you’ll find just what you need with items from the Blue Line product line: Our actuators can be installed quickly on your heating manifold without additional tools. Another advantage they offer is soundless operation, which contributes to creating a comfortable living environment. In addition to their functional aspects, these high-quality components are also visually impressive. Our product range includes thermal actuators in bright red, blue, green and yellow, for instance. This broad color selection also includes classic white and elegant gray options.

Actuators for efficient underfloor heating operation

Our product range includes both 24 volt actuators and 230 volt models. No matter which actuator you choose, all of our designs guarantee simple installation and reliable radiator regulation. If you have questions on which actuator is compatible with your room thermostat, or questions on how to use actuators for underfloor heating or other details, we will be happy to provide you with personal support. You can contact our trained service team by phone or e-mail. Key features of Blue Line actuators are outlined in the following list:

  • open and close valves even without a power source
  • many different colors to choose from
  • VDE certified IP 54 protective class
  • optimized underfloor heating regulation
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