Individual pump groups for any heating system

Pump groups are one of the most important accessories for heating circuits. Models from the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Manifold Line are designed to meet sophisticated quality standards, and are the result of a long series of development steps. During production, different components are combined to create a functional unit. This results in complete assemblies that can be easily integrated into a heating circuit. A Manifold Line pump group is the right choice for creating an optimized connection between your heating system and heat source. Our product range includes both assemblies for unmixed heating systems and designs for mixed installations. This allows us to offer custom-tailored solutions for any set of requirements. Features like high-efficiency pumps by the brand Wilo underscore our excellent standard of quality. In addition, we can advise you on any question related to selecting the right pump group for your needs by telephone and e-mail.

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