The highest quality thermostatic valves with pre-set function

Thermostatic valves are considered a basic component of any radiator, and maintain a constant room temperature. Models available from us are based on many different development steps and optimizations. This results in reliable function and excellent user convenience. To ensure we can fulfill any requirement, our product range includes many different designs. If you are looking for custom-tailored solutions, a thermostatic valve from our product range is the right choice. Compare our different variations online now and benefit from our customer-focused service.

Hydraulic balancing - functional thermostatic valves as basic equipment

Please note that all of the valves in our product range offer a pre-setting function. Hydraulic balancing is impossible without this feature, underscoring the advantages of thermostatic valves from us. These valves make a key contribution to achieving the perfect indoor climate, in combination with a practical temperature sensor. Depending on the application, such thermostatic valves can be used in many different ways. The models we offer can be installed on new radiators or added as an upgrade to existing units. Excellent quality workmanship is another benefit: We only use high-quality brass alloys and plastics in manufacturing, giving our models an extremely long service life.

The right thermostatic valve for every radiator

Individual design is key when selecting the ideal model: Our product range includes straight and angled designs, for instance. In addition, we offer special variations like axial and corner thermostatic valves, indicating the extensive diversity of our product portfolio. Because we guarantee the compatibility of our thermostats and valves, they allow users to maintain constant temperatures. No matter their shape, all of our designs fulfill current standards: Thermostatic valves fulfill the requirements of European standard EN 215, and offer relevant certification. In addition to these multiple benefits, our valves offer easy installation. These thermostatic valves can be mounted quickly for use in energy-efficient heating systems.

Valves for thermostats - hydraulic balancing made easy

The symbiosis between proven function and outstanding material quality is the central feature of our valves for radiator thermostats. From steel pipes to plastic and copper pipes, we offer the right connections for any application. Do you have questions on the compatibility of a temperature sensor and thermostatic valve, or on individual product details? Our experienced service team will be happy to assist you. Contact us either by telephone or e-mail, and we will handle your question or concern personally. The following overview provides the most important information on thermostatic valves:

  • pre-set feature
  • can be used for hydraulic balancing
  • many different designs available
  • tested according to European standard EN 215
  • high-quality finishing
  • brass alloys according to European standards.
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