Blue Line room controller - maximum comfort in heating and cooling

Innovative heating components from the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Blue Line allow the user to set a custom comfort temperature. All products in the line are the result of many development steps, and impress with a high standard of quality. We focus on professional needs, thanks to our long-term experience as a partner to the heating industry. Blue Line models are the optimal choice if you don’t want to make any compromises in your room control. Thanks to the broad range of associated products, we offer custom-tailored solutions for any set of requirements. From a functional room thermostat to an actuator, a wide range of components are available. Discover our diverse product range now and the extensive quality features of Blue Line room controllers.

Room thermostats to precisely adjust the room temperature

With a Blue Line room thermostat, you can set the room temperature down to the degree. Our different designs form the heart of any comfortable heating control system. The product range includes a variety of options, to ensure you can order the right room thermostat for your needs: Some of our models offer both heating and cooling functions. The Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Blue Line also includes room thermostats with practical programming functions. These features allow you to keep room temperatures moderate while you are away from home, for instance. This minimizes energy costs over the long term and keeps the temperature comfortable. Easy installation is another benefit: Blue Line room thermostats take little time to install, and can be used to precisely set your room temperature. Additional features like functional frost protection and a dew point sensor complement our comprehensive equipment.

Additional components for Blue Line room controllers

The Blue Line product line is not limited to just high-quality room thermostats, but also includes a range of other components. These include, for instance, a silent actuator for simply and automatically opening and closing valves. It can be installed without tools, and a large selection of different housing colors provides visual added value. Blue Line actuators offer the ideal combination of convenient installation and maintenance with attractive design. The TÜV VDE certified IP54 protection class also guarantees safe operation. In addition, the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Blue Line includes terminal blocks for heating and cooling in 24V and 230V designs. Equipment features like up to ten heating zones and an integrated pump protection function underscore the high quality standard. A terminal block is the perfect solution for simplified heating control and flexibly adjusting the room temperature. The terminal strip acts as a connecting element between the room thermostat and actuator. The Blue Line terminal block is essential to provide a central power supply during heating and cooling.

The Blue Line room controller guarantees your personal comfort temperature

The symbiosis between proven technique and advanced technologies is the central feature of Blue Line room controllers. A targeted combination of different components ensures comfortable temperatures, making a valuable contribution to users’ quality of life. If you have questions on Blue Line room controllers or individual components, we would be happy to assist you personally. The Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Service team can be contacted via e-mail or telephone. Key aspects of Blue Line room controllers are outlined in the following overview:

  • optimized area heating control (heating and cooling)
  • individually adjustable comfort temperature
  • simple installation
  • comprehensive selection of different components
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