Radiator screw fittings for optimal operation

A functional screw fitting is a key addition to any radiator. Models from the Jürgen Schlösser Armaturen Base Line stand out for their excellent material quality. This results in excellent stability and robustness. If you don’t want to make compromises with your radiator screw fittings, then products from our portfolio are an excellent choice. Thanks to the enormous range of options we offer, you can find the perfect screw fitting for any radiator.

Screw fittings for radiators - large selection and diverse functions

A Base Line radiator screw fitting offers a range of advantages: Our models allow you to easily lock off, pre-set, and fill and empty a valve radiator. This means you do not have to switch off other radiators when completing maintenance or repair work. The radiator screw fitting acts as a throttle valve, preventing water from flowing through the heating system. Our product range includes a wide variety of designs to ensure you can order the right fitting for your needs: These include axial and corner screw fittings. In addition, we also offer special models such as a lockshield valve with empty and filling function.

Proven screw fittings and customer-focused support

Because they are manufactured from high-quality brass alloys, Base Line screw fittings for radiators offer a long service life. From straight and angled designs to a Euro cone connection for plastic, copper or steel pipes, we can offer a wide range of components at a preferred price. Our screw fittings can be installed in valve radiators quickly, allowing you to manually adjust the hydraulic balance. If you have questions on selecting the right radiator screw fitting, or on the details of individual models, our professional service team will be happy to offer you personal support. The following overview provides key information on Base Line screw fittings:

  • designs with practical locking function
  • high standard of quality
  • easy assembly
  • straight and angled versions available
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